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You have selected Buttermakers, which appears in the Occupational Brief  Dairy Products Manufacturing Workers.

Occupation(s) included in Brief O*Net™ Code(s)
  Bottling Operators 53-7064.00
  Buttermakers 51-9012.00
  Cheesemakers 51-3092.00
  Dairy Field Supervisors 13-1021.00
  Dairy Helpers 51-9198.00, 51-9198.01
  Dairy Processing Equipment Operators 51-9012.00
  Dry Milk Operators 51-9012.00
  Ice Cream Mix Processing Operators 51-9012.00
  Pasteurizer Operators 51-9012.00
  Plant Supervisors 51-1011.00
  Quality Control Technicians 17-3026.00
  Sanitarians 51-1011.00
  Sour Cream & Buttermilk Processing Operators 51-9012.00

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