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The transposed title you have selected, Biochemists, Plant, appears in the Occupational Brief  Botanists.

Occupation(s) included in Brief O*Net™ Code(s)
  Aquatic Botanists 19-1020.01
  Botanists 19-1013.00, 19-1013.01
  Cytologists 19-1020.01
  Mycologists 19-1020.01
  Plant Biochemists 19-1021.00, 19-1021.01
  Plant Biophysicists 19-1021.00, 19-1021.02
  Plant Breeders 19-1013.00, 19-1013.01
  Plant Geneticists 19-1020.00, 19-1020.01
  Plant Pathologists 19-1013.00, 19-1013.01
  Plant Physiologists 19-1020.01

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