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The title you have selected, Dragline Operators, is an alternate for Power Shovel Operators, which appears in the Occupational Brief  Mining Industry Workers.

Occupation(s) included in Brief O*Net™ Code(s)
  Blasters 47-5031.00
  Bulldozer Operators 47-2073.00, 47-2073.01
  Continuous Mining Machine Operators 47-5041.00
  Crushed Stone Workers 47-2073.00, 47-2073.02
  Cutter Operators 47-5042.00
  Dragline Operators 53-7033.00
  Drilling Machine Operators 47-5042.00
  Gravel Workers 47-2073.00, 47-2073.02
  Loading Machine Operators 53-7033.00
  Long-Wall Mining Machine Operators 47-5042.00
  Mechanical Saw Operators 51-9032.00, 51-9032.04
  Miners 47-5081.00
  Power Shovel Operators 53-7033.00
  Scraper Operators 53-7033.00
  Shift Bosses 47-1011.00, 47-1011.02
  Shot Firers 47-5031.00
  Tailers 47-5081.00

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