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The transposed title you have selected, Librarians, Academic, is an alternate for Special Library Librarians, which appears in the Occupational Brief  Librarians.

Occupation(s) included in Brief O*Net™ Code(s)
  Academic Librarians 25-4021.00
  Acquisitions Librarians 25-4021.00
  Catalogers 25-4031.00
  Children's Librarians 25-4021.00
  Information Scientists 15-1061.00
  Librarians 25-4021.00
  Library Assistants 43-4121.00
  Library Directors 25-4021.00
  Library Technicians 25-4031.00
  Media Specialists 25-4021.00
  Reference Librarians 25-4021.00
  School Librarians 25-4021.00
  Special Collections Librarians 25-4021.00
  Special Library Librarians 25-4021.00
  Systems Librarians 15-1061.00
  Technical Librarians 15-1061.00

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