Readers ask: How To Properly Use A Cane?


  1. The top of your cane should be able to reach the crease in your wrist while you are standing up straight
  2. The cane should be held in a slightly bent position with the elbow slightly bent. Hold the cane in the opposite hand from the side that need assistance. Consider the following scenario: if your right leg is wounded, you should grasp the cane in your left hand.

What is the correct way to walk with a cane?

How to Properly Use a Cane

  1. Use the opposite hand to hold your cane so that it is opposite the side that requires assistance. The cane should be positioned slightly to the side and approximately 2 inches ahead. Step forward with your injured leg while moving your cane forward at the same time. While walking forward with your unaffected leg, keep the cane firmly in position and stable.

Why do you use a cane on the opposite side of the injury?

When using a cane, it is best to hold it in the hand that is opposite the leg that is in need of assistance. 1 Holding it on your injured or weak side is significantly more inefficient and counterproductive than doing so. You will also move the cane at the same time as your weaker leg, which will make walking more comfortable.

Do you use a cane on your good or bad side?

A cane should be held on the side of your “good” leg to begin with, in order to effectively use one (the opposite leg to the one that needs support). Afterwards, when walking on level ground, you should move the cane forward in sync with your “poor” leg, shifting your weight to that leg as needed.

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Which leg goes first when using a cane?

Step up on your healthy leg first, then step up on your damaged leg to complete the motion. When descending steps, place your cane on the step first, followed by your damaged leg and, ultimately, your healthy leg, which bears the weight of your entire body weight.

What is the proper height for a cane?

When you are gripping the cane handle, the cane should reach to the level of your hip bone on the side of your upper thigh where you want it to be. It is recommended that your elbow be bent roughly 20 degrees when you grasp the grip of your cane.

Does a cane go on the weak side?

Use the cane on the opposite side of your body from the leg that is weak or painful if you are using a cane because one leg has become weak or painful. Suppose your right hip is bothering you. Hold the cane in your left hand to relieve the pain.

How long do you walk with a cane after hip replacement?

The cane will be required for walking for the majority of patients for the first 2-4 weeks following surgery; if you feel that you still require it for safety or balance, please continue to use it.

Do walking sticks help with knee pain?

These poles give additional stability and can help to reduce the amount of stress placed on your legs and knee joints by transferring your weight to the poles through your arms. While you walk with walking poles, or even just a single pole, you will have less knee discomfort and will have more power and endurance when climbing hills.

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Does walking stick help arthritis?

How Canes Can Aid in the Management of Arthritis Pain. There is no question that canes can be useful for persons who suffer from arthritis: one research even discovered that using a cane may actually slow the growth of osteoarthritis (OA).

Does a cane help with sciatica?

Canes are typically more suitable for disorders that affect only one side of the body (for example, sciatica in one leg), whereas walkers are better suited for problems that affect both sides of the body (for example, back pain) (if you have weakness in both your legs, for instance).

When should I start using a cane?

For the most part, you may begin to use a cane whenever you find yourself in need of more balance, stability, or support when walking, whether you’re strolling through the mall or simply heading to the mailbox.

How do you go down a curb with a cane?

using a cane to navigate a stairwell up or down

  1. Get your bearings by standing at the edge of the curb. If you’re going up, start with your stronger leg and then bring your other leg and the cane up to meet the stronger leg on the way down. If you’re going down, make sure you move the cane first. Before you begin walking, you should regain your equilibrium.

How do you use a cane for lower back pain?

Using a cane or a walker to get around As a result, if your discomfort or weakness is largely on your left side of the body, the cane should be held in your right hand. This makes sense when you realize that when you move your left leg, you swing your right arm forward, and vice versa, which makes sense. As a result, as you shift your weak side forward, your cane swings forward.

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How do you use a 4 prong cane?

Using a Quad Cane to Get Around

  1. One hand should be holding the cane. For people who have trouble with one of their legs, grip the cane tightly in the hand opposite to the weak leg. The quad cane should be moved forward approximately one arm’s length. Take a step forward with your weak leg. Press gently down onto the handle of the quad cane with your hand in order to assist it maintain its stability. This cycle should be repeated.

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