FAQ: How To Use A Theragun?


  1. Turn on the Theragun without placing it anywhere near your body. Place the Theragun on your body and let it rest there. Theragun should be dragged along the muscle. If you come across a knot or a point of tension, let the Theragun to remain there for a few seconds without applying any extra pressure before continuing on.

How often should you use a Theragun?

How frequently should you employ Theragun? In order to achieve the best possible effect, Therabody suggests that you use your Theragun device two or three times each day, depending on your goals. “Theragun should be used for a least of 15 seconds and a maximum of 2 minutes per muscle group, according to our recommendations. A full-body workout should not last more than 15 minutes.”

Can Theragun cause damage?

Pulling a hamstring is typically an unpleasant experience, so you’re unlikely to be persuaded to use your Theragun to relieve the discomfort. However, just in case you were under the impression that this was a smart idea, it is not — the intense pounding motion of percussion treatment can cause more muscle injury.

Does Theragun actually do anything?

The Theragun is a percussive treatment device that may be carried around with you. A different research study discovered that both percussion treatment and deep massage are equally beneficial in avoiding delayed onset muscle soreness, according to the findings.

Does Theragun help with cellulite?

The quick answer is that sure, it is possible. The lengthy answer, on the other hand, is that it is totally dependent on how you employ the massage gun. If you utilize it correctly, the cellulite will begin to go gradually. If, on the other hand, your technique isn’t perfect, the massage gun will be of little use to you.

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Where should you not use a massage gun?

The massage gun is intended to be used on muscles rather than on nerves, bones, joints, or tendons, according to the manufacturer. Experts suggest staying away from areas where you have scabs, sores, malignant lesions, or a recent bone fracture, despite the fact that it may seem evident. People should also avoid utilizing the massage gun on any portion of their body where their feeling has been compromised.

Can I use TheraGun on my neck?

The TheraGun G2PRO is a deep muscle therapy tool that was developed specifically for this purpose. It may be used on any muscle, including the muscles of the neck.

Does TheraGun get rid of knots?

Fortunately, there is a fast fix available in the form of Theragun. With this deep-muscle massage pistol, you can target your trigger points, boost blood flow, and release those torturous knots in a rapid and penetrating manner using Percussive Therapy technology.

Can a neck massage cause a stroke?

Neck massage/manipulation is still a possible cause of stroke to take into consideration. Ischemic stroke following CS and carotid body manipulation occurs as a result of thrombosis caused by the rupture of a plaque or hypoperfusion caused by recurrent hypotension, respectively.

When should you not use a massage gun?

In order to minimize these side effects and potential injury, a massage gun should not be used on a single muscle group for more than two to three minutes at a time before moving on to another location. The usage of a certain muscle over an extended period of time might cause more damage than benefit, according to the expert.

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Do massage guns help you lose weight?

When you use a massage gun to target your hurting region, you are treating muscular knots and muscle stiffness. This helps the lymphatic system to function properly. A more efficient lymphatic system results in enhanced metabolism. As a result of increasing your metabolic rate, your muscles are able to burn even more calories.

How long do Theraguns last?

With a total of 5 hours of battery life, the Theragun PRO has the best battery life of the bunch. The other devices, on the other hand, still give 2–2.5 hours of charging time, which is more than enough for the majority of users. There are a certain number of attachments.

Does Theragun help with lymphatic drainage?

Percussive massage can improve your performance, help you recover quicker, and ease stress and discomfort throughout your body, providing total body relief. Theragun can assist with the following tasks: Increases the speed of recuperation and muscle restoration. Increases the flow of blood and lymphatic fluid.

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