FAQ: How To Use Magnifying Glass Stardew Valley?

When digging, cutting trees, mining, fishing, or slaying monsters, the Magnifying Glass allows the player to discover Secret Notes that are hidden in plain sight. Upon discovery, a Secret Note may be accessed by picking it in the top row of inventory and selecting “Read Secret Note” (as if consuming food).

Where did my magnifying glass go Stardew?

When you first see it, it rushes away, and you must pursue after it. Go to the community center in Pelican Town and search for a shrub on the left side of the playground, next to the water feature. If you connect with this shrub, you will be sent to a cutscene where you will meet the shadow man. If you accept his apology and accept the magnifying glass, this shadow person will leave you alone.

How many secret notes are there in Stardew Valley?

Each of the 25 Secret Notes in Stardew Valley contains information on the favorite things of villagers, little artwork, a cute little puzzle to complete, and some even start strange quests. Secret Notes are found throughout the game and may be found in a variety of locations.

What is hidden behind the community center Stardew Valley?

An ancient Stone Junimo statue can be found behind the Community Center, covered by the roof, and against the wooden fence to the right of the building. It may be acquired using a pickaxe. Even if you already have a Joja membership, you may still acquire the statue as a bonus.

How do you use a Magnifying Glass?

When using a handheld magnifier, keep the lens as close to your eyes as possible while moving the item as close to the glass as possible. When looking through a magnifying glass, the aim is to gaze through it in the same manner you would through your spectacles while moving the thing until it is in focus.

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Where is my wallet in Stardew Valley?

In the player menu, the Wallet is a form of character inventory that can be located under the Skills Tab, where it may be used to store specific things.

What does secret note 11 mean in Stardew Valley?

Secret Note 11 differs from the other secret notes in Stardew Valley in that it serves no use or has no value other than to be a collecting item. According to what you’ve probably guessed, the letter is a photo of an elderly lady holding hands with a little girl that cannot be stretched.

Can you ride the train in Stardew Valley?

“A train is traveling through Stardew Valley,” you’ll be informed by a notice. If you are present when a resource, such as coal, is delivered to the rails, you will receive a reward. The vehicle will do harm if you are standing on the tracks while it passes by. The train cannot be boarded and will inflict damage on the player every time they come into contact with it.

How do you get the golden Lewis statue?

By completing the problem indicated in Secret Note #19, you will be able to receive the Solid Gold Lewis statue. Placing the Statue anyplace in Pelican Town will result in the discovery of a new mystery. In the future, I would really appreciate it if you could abstain from displaying my PRIVATE items throughout town for everyone to see!

What happens if you become a JOJA member?

The purchase of a Joja Membership from Morris results in the destruction of the Community Center and the construction of a Joja Warehouse in its stead. It will subsequently be possible for the player to acquire community development projects using the Joja Community Development Form, rather than through completing bundles at the Community Center. 4

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Where is the dark tunnel in Stardew Valley?

The Tunnel is a tiny subterranean chamber (11×5) that may be accessible from the Backwoods’ lower elevation segment of the terrain. To get there, take the route west from the Bus Stop and continue west along the road through the Backwoods until you reach the destination.

How do you get the shadowy figure in Stardew Valley?

Simply drive into town and go to the playground adjacent to the Community Center to get started. As soon as you walk away from the seats, the footsteps will be gone, disappearing into a big bush behind the benches. Examine the shrub to see if you can bring out the shadowy person known as Shadow Guy, who will apologise for taking something from you.

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