FAQ: How To Use Nor In A Sentence?

When two words are used in the same phrase, a “nor” is normally used after the word “neither” (1). To provide an example, you may say: “I don’t care for hot dogs or ketchup at all.” If you’re talking about more than two objects, you may also use the word “nor,” but you must repeat the word “nor” after each item you mention (2).

How do we use nor in a sentence?

When two words are used in the same phrase, a “neither” is frequently followed by a “nor” (1). Take, for example, the statement: “I don’t like for hot dogs or ketchup.” The word “nor” can also be used if there are more than two items being discussed; however, the word “nor” must be repeated after each item (2).

  • It was neither excellent nor bad in her eyes at the time – it was just what it was.
  • We are baffled as to what is going on or why it is happening. By the way, neither Alex nor I consume alcoholic beverages. The problem is that you neither inquired nor listened to what was being said. The virus cannot survive in either vaccinated persons or in the natural environment.

Where can I use nor?

“Nor” can be thought of as an alternative to “or” in negative statements, and it is not optional. When “neither” introduces the first of two possibilities, use “nor” before the second or further of the two alternatives. As an illustration, neither my mother nor I comprehend these instructions.

How do you use not and nor in a sentence?

Neither with neither and neither We invert the subject and the verb when a sentence with neither or nor is used after a negative clause, as in the following example: He hadn’t completed any of his homework assignments, and he hadn’t even taken any of his textbooks to class. We didn’t get to view the castle or the church, which was a disappointment.

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What is nor an example of?

Nor can be defined as neither this nor that or another. “She didn’t want ice cream or cake,” for example, is an example of a nor. And not; or not; or not; or not at all.

Can you use nor after?

If you’re following a negative with another negative, such as “not,” you can use nor without neither. Yes. If you’re following a negative with another negative, such as “not,” you can use nor without neither. Neither the peas nor the potatoes were ever consumed when Sally prepared the meal for us.

Can you use nor with Never?

The reason for this is because never/nor would be a double negative, which is something that English does not like. Nor is only used in a few contexts: neither/north nor south north. Never/nor just doesn’t work in this context.

How do you use conjunction Nor?

She did not return that night, nor did she return the following night. Neither asking him respectfully nor threatening him will yield results. I have not been asked to resign, and I have no plans to do so in the near future. She was unable to communicate and was unable to comprehend anything we said.

Is it neither nor or neither or?

Neither the next night nor the night after that, she did not return to the house. A courteous request or a threat will not be successful in convincing him. I have not been asked to resign, and I have no plans to do so in the near future either. Nothing we said made any sense to her since she couldn’t communicate.

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Is nor a word in Scrabble?

No, neither does it appear in the scrabble dictionary.

How do you use neither/nor example?

Examples of neither/neither

  1. I am unable to communicate in Spanish and do not comprehend it. He doesn’t care for either apples or oranges. You are unable to sing or dance because you lack the necessary skills. The fact that Sean does not drive or own a car is not a surprise. My new dress is the perfect length
  2. it is neither too short nor too long.
  3. Our teacher does not talk in a loud or hushed voice.

Is nor the same as and?

Not only is the NOR gate, also known as the “Not OR” gate, a mixture of two different logic functions, Not and OR, joined together to form a single logic function, it is also similar in function to the OR gate, with the exception that the output is reversed.

How do you use neither/nor and either or?

When referring to one or the other of two choices, use the either-or and neither-nor pairings to express your preference. When two options are either-or, one of them is confirmed, whereas neither-nor simultaneously eliminates both of them. Either my mum or father will pick up the phone. Neither the pizza nor the ice cream are available at this time.

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