Often asked: How To Use Wella T18 Toner?

How to Apply Wella T18 Toner – Step 2 of Toning Hair at Home – Wella T18 Toner Application

  1. Make your hair just a little bit moist. Put on your gloves. Distribute the toner + developer solution from the mixing container onto the length of your hair. Keep waiting for 20-25 minutes (no longer! ).
  2. In the shower, rinse away the toner with warm water before applying the conditioner. Take it easy on your hair for the next three days.

Do you put Wella T18 toner on wet or dry hair?

Hair that is still a little wet makes applying toner much easier, so make sure your hair is only little damp, but not pouring, before applying the toner. If you’re not going to use a toner straight after bleaching, simply wash your hair with shampoo and towel dry it the same way you would normally.

How long do you leave T18 toner in?

You may keep the Wella T18 Toner on your hair for up to 30 minutes without it becoming greasy. Wella Color Charm employs a 1:2 mix ratio, with one component toning color and two parts 20 volume developer in each application. Apply the toner to dry hair and let it on for up to 30 minutes, monitoring often to ensure that the desired color result is achieved.

How do you use Wella toner?

In a separate bowl, combine 1 part Wella Color Charm toning color and 2 parts Wella Color Charm developer (20 volume). Apply to towel-dried hair and let on for up to 30 minutes to develop the color. Check in on a regular basis to verify if the expected results have been achieved. By combining several colours of toner, you may create your own unique recipe.

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Do you apply toner to roots or ends first?

Cassandra advises that while toning, the root color should always be applied first. This aids in timing and allows the root to process for the longest period of time, allowing it to reach the maximum depth and deposit required. Cassandra recommends that you tone your hair while it is still damp, and that you never go darker than a Level 6 while working on blonde hair.

How do you use Wella T18 toner with 20 developer?

The first step in utilizing Wella T18 toner is to combine two parts developer with one part toner in a separate container.

  1. Fill the mixing container halfway with the Wella T18 toner.
  2. Fill the empty toner container halfway with volume 20 developer and pour the mixture into the mixing bottle…. The developer should be refilled into the empty toner container and poured into the mixing bottle.

Do you put toner on wet or dry hair?

If you want to be accurate, you should always apply a hair toner when your hair is at least 70% dry. More effective effects will be obtained if you apply toner to slightly damp hair rather than soaking wet or fully dry hair. Damp hair has a higher porosity, which aids in the distribution of the toner and the ability of the toner to function efficiently.

Should you sting hair toner?

It is dependent on the sort of toner you are using and the type of skin that you have. A moisturizing toner (with a low alcohol level) should not hurt or burn your skin at all, but an astringent (with a greater alcohol content) may mildly sting or burn your skin somewhat. As a result, the answer is no, not all toners are intended to be irritating.

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How long do you let toner sit in your hair?

What sort of toner you use and what type of skin you have are all factors. In contrast, an astringent (because to its greater alcohol concentration) may gently sting or burn your skin, whereas moisturizing toners (thanks to their lower alcohol content) should not. Consequently, the answer is no, not all toners are intended to sting..

  1. In a 1:2 ratio, combine your toner with your developer.
  2. Work the mixture into your hair with an applicator brush, paying particular attention to the regions with undesirable undertones. Allow the toner to sit on the skin for up to 45 minutes before rinsing thoroughly and washing with a moisturizing shampoo and deep conditioning.

What developer should I use with Wella t18?

In a separate bowl, combine 1 part Wella Color Charm toning color and 2 parts Wella Color Charm developer (20 volume). Apply to towel-dried hair and let on for up to 30 minutes to develop the color.

Do I shampoo after Wella toner?

Wella toner should be cleansed with only water, which means it should be thoroughly rinsed without the use of shampoo once it has been used lately. That is all there is to it.

Do you condition after toner?

After bleaching, use a toner to remove any residual bleach before conditioning. Conditioning before toning can have an adverse effect on color absorption and result in unsatisfactory results. Following the application and washing of toner, you may lock in the color tone you choose by using conditioner.

How do you know when toner is done?

As you apply the product, you will see that the hair becomes grey and has a purple, grey, or blue colour to it. This is typical and indicates that the toner is effectively neutralizing the yellow and brassiness in the skin. Typically, 10-15 minutes is plenty. Remember to pay close attention to the roots in particular, and avoid over-processing them there.

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Does Wella toner work without developer?

Toner will not function properly without a developer. The term “toner” refers to a tool that hair coloring specialists use to fix the color of hair after it has been bleached. It is possible to fix the color of newly bleached hair by using a toner in conjunction with a developer. Each hair tone has a complementary hue that either neutralizes or turns it off.

Can you put toner all over your hair?

Toners change the undertone of a hair color, but they do not change the hue of the hair color. You may use it all over your hair or only in select areas where you want to make a color difference. For example, it may be used to tone down just the section of your hair that has highlights or just the roots to make them appear more natural in appearance.

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