Quick Answer: How To Use Space At Top Of Closet?

Suspend goods such as travel bags, sporting equipment, and other seasonal items from the ceiling above the top shelf of your closet’s top shelf using solid hooks that you may hang from the ceiling. A foldable stepstool may be stored in a closet so that you will always be able to access what you need, whenever you want it.

How do you use upper closet space?

A Small Closet: 10 Ways to Get a Little Extra Storage Out of a Tiny Space

  1. Adding an extended rod will more than double the amount of hanging space you have available. Shelf dividers let you organize your things on your shelves more efficiently.
  2. Use under-shelf baskets to increase the amount of shelf space available.
  3. Hooks are your closest buddy in the entire world.’

What can I put at the top of my closet?

How to Make the Most of Even the Tiniest Closet Spaces with the Best Closet Organization Ideas

  1. Invest on a set of coordinating hangers. Sam, you’re very cute. Long and short items should be hung separately, and everything should be labeled. Seasonal items should be kept at the back of the closet. Add a dresser.
  2. Coordinate the color scheme. In the top of the closet, hang jewelry
  3. use acrylic file dividers for organization.

What do I do with dead space in my closet?

Taking Control of the Dead Space in Your Closet!

  1. It’s time to say goodbye to the off-season. As soon as the cold weather sets in, you’ll realize that you’re fantasizing if you believe the sundress will make an appearance anytime soon. Place both feet on the floor and both hands on the door jamb.
  2. Maximize the back of the door and tie up the ties.
  3. Go up and down the stairs.
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How do you organize your tops?

How to organize your wardrobe: 14 essential suggestions

  1. Start with a thorough purge, followed by a period of constant editing of your clothing. Utilize your unused items to get some extra cash. Organize your closet by category first, and then by color second. Make an investment in the appropriate equipment. Seasons should be separated. Everything should be kept in its proper location. Don’t forget to bring your shoes.

How many pants should a woman own?

So, the number of pairs of jeans you should own is mostly determined by how much variation in style you desire in your life. Even though you could definitely get by with three pairs of jeans, I normally recommend five to six pairs, depending on how frequently you wear jeans to work.

How do you use Dead Space?

The following are some suggestions on how you may make use of the unused space in your house.

  1. Create a Planning Wall to help you organize your thoughts. Create a little reading nook in your home. Create a Memorabilia Wall or a Memorabilia Room.
  2. Construct a storage area adjacent to your bathtub. Corner of the Nightstand. Items should be placed on the window sill.

How do I get the most out of a standard closet?

Items that are related

  1. 3 Remember to use the floor space. 4 Add lighting. 5 Make use of the upper shelf. 1 Get rid of clothes that don’t fit. 2 De-clutter. 3 Remember to use the floor space. It’s time to hang a mirror or two.
  2. 7 It’s time to paint it a lighter color.
  3. 8 Don’t count the corners.

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