Readers ask: How To Use Xfinity Remote?

Using Our Online Code Lookup Tool to Programme Your Remote Control

  1. Activate your television.
  2. Press and hold the Setup button on your remote control until the red light at the top of the remote turns to green.
  3. Enter 9-9-1. Continue to push the CH button until the television shuts off. Once the television has been turned off, hit Setup to secure the code. To turn on the television, press the power button on the remote.

What are the buttons on my Xfinity remote?

As a default, the A key activates Help, the B key activates Day-, the C key activates Day+, and the D key activates Descriptive Video Service (DVS). You may program these buttons to perform various functions like as replaying a program, accessing Xfinity On Demand, jumping ahead 24 hours in the On-Screen Guide, and more.

What are the ABCD buttons on Xfinity remote?


  • A: The A button brings up the Help menu
  • B: The B button brings up the Accessibility Settings menu. A: The A button brings up the Help menu. The Accessibility Settings Menu can be found in the Help section of the X1 Sports App.
  • C: When watching live television, press C to keep track of all games on TV using the Accessibility Settings Menu.
  • D:

How do I get to settings on my Xfinity remote?

To go to the Settings Menu, click on the gear icon.

  1. Then, using your remote, press the xfinity button. To access the gear icon, press the right arrow or left arrow button on your keyboard. To access the Settings menu, press the OK button (or the middle of the directional pad).
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Where is the B key on the Xfinity remote?

Notes about the Xfinity Voice Remote The B button is a small, square button that can be found just above the number 2 button on the XR11 remote and just above the right arrow button on the XR15. It can be found just above the number 2 button on the XR15 remote. Located in the middle of the Voice Remote, the Microphone button is the third button from the left of the OK button on the XR11.

How do you pair a remote to a TV?

On the remote control, press the (Quick Settings) button to bring up the menu. Make a selection from the Settings menu. The following steps will vary depending on the options available on your TV’s menu:

  1. Then choose Remotes and Accessories — Remote control — Connect by Bluetooth or by pressing the Activate button. Select Remote control — Bluetooth connection as the mode of operation. Choose Voice Remote Control — Activate from the drop-down menu.

How do I use the xfinity XR15 remote?

To manage your TV (including power, volume, and input) using your XR15 remote, follow these steps: Hold down the xfinity and Mute buttons on the remote for five seconds while the TV is turned on, or until the remote light at the top of the remote turns from red to green, depending on your preference. Enter the first five-digit code that appears on the screen for the television maker.

How do I program my xfinity X1 remote?

For five seconds, press and hold the xfinity and Info buttons at the same time. Wait for the Voice Remote’s red light to become green before proceeding. Follow the on-screen instructions by entering the three-digit pairing code that appears on the screen. Once the pairing code displayed on the screen has been successfully input, your Voice Remote will be associated with the TV Box.

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