How To Use Previous Month’s Fuel Points At Kroger?

At Kroger Fuel Centers , to use point amounts greater than 100 from prior month’s fuel total, simply select option 2 (CHANGE AMT) when prompted.

Enter in an amount equal to or lower than your prior month’s total (savings amount displayed will be greatest amount you can save when filling up).

How do I redeem my Kroger fuel points?

Customers may redeem their Fuel Points at Kroger Fuel Centers or participating Shell stations by using their Kroger Plus Card or other Kroger family of stores card at the pump, manually entering their card number or entering their alternate ID, which will initiate the fuel savings.

How long are Kroger fuel points good for?

Additionally, there is a 35-gallon maximum per fuel purchase. Note: Fuel points earned in one month are good through the end of the next month. Pay special attention to when points expire so you don’t lose them!

How much is a Kroger Fuel point worth?

This means that each point is worth 1.5 cents. Now let’s go back to Kroger’s point earnings: Assuming 15 gallon fill-ups: Grocery purchases: 1 point per dollar = 1 x 1.5 = 1.5% savings.

How do you use fuel points?

Redeeming Fuel Points at Harris Teeter Fuel Centers

  • Swipe or scan your VIC card or enter. your Alternate ID at the pump.
  • If you have Fuel Points available to redeem, you can choose the option based on how you want to spend your points.
  • Insert payment, lift nozzle and select grade of gas.